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despise conventional

express yourself

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Artists of early 19 century in Paris embraced what became known as the bohemian style.
They were known for their different lifestyle, for their disregard of money, for the pursuit of music, color, and relationships. They are a group that have different priorities than the dominant cultures of their societies, a group that inspire both disdain and envy.

The Bohemians are usually in flamboyant, irrelevant moods; their speech is peppered with witticisms.

"Bohemia is a stage in artistic life; it is the preface to the Academy, . . . Today, as of old, every man who enters on an artistic career, without any other means of livelihood than his art itself, will be forced to walk in the paths of Bohemia"


The bohemian style is back, for a time it was an exclusive style for artists and sometimes celebrities...much of the bohemian style you'll see today is 60's and 70's inspired. It doesn't necessarily has to be like that, Bohemian style is unconventional, it represents counter-culture, it is not limited to a decade or century, it is a movement that has been perpetuated, it had its birth on the wombs of the french revolution. It is not dictated by the fashion industry, it is dictated by one's self inspirations and creativity.

week 1: Post pictures of celebrities and models with the bohemian style
week 2: Post pictures of your own self with your bohemian style.
week 3: Post pictures and links of bohemian finds such as onlinestores, thrift stores, vintage stores or and designers.
week 4: Exalt the artist! post your fav artist, we are talking about the poet, the painter, the writter, post their work and enlight us! POST YOUR OWN WORK!!!! of whatever you do or make... clothes, poetry, photography, icons, INSPIRE US!

"Fashion passes; style remains" - Coco Chanel


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[x] LJ-Cuts were made for a reason. So please use 'em!
[x] You can choose to follow the weekly theme or do your own post.
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[x] Don't post if you are not a member do not comment either.
[x] Don't promote your community if is a rating community, only members can promote their own community here.
[x] For those who have an online store DO NOT advertise, i don't want this community look like a magazine full of adds, thank you! if you post it will be deleted and marked as spam, if you keep posting we will have no choice but ban you. I will soon create a link where you can advertise your store!

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