love, suzy (uhavecrabs) wrote in boho_style,
love, suzy

Now this is one of the coolest things I've ever heard.

A long with most normal people in America, I'm not going to go out and spend $800+ on a bag that i've been googling over, although I've been tempted too. Empty out my savings account and hopefully, it will still be in style by the new year. Have no fear! You can rent them now and switch them out every month or week!

You can rent a Balenciaga at $73 a week, a Chloe Paddington for $150 or even a Fendi Spy Bag for $200 a week. Not looking to spend that much? Throw out $20 a week for a Kate Spade.

Visit From Bags To Riches and Bag Borowor Steal to check it out.

Muy cool. I think this would be fun if you have a special trip planned or a special event.
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