young and restless and bored (wiserforthetime) wrote in boho_style,
young and restless and bored

xmas list

i haven't posted in forever...

not very boho, but dammit, i'm in love

they're down to $20 at, so adorable... i know i should get them in black but i can't resist the turquoise


not so much on the christmas wish list, but my current number one choice for new winter jacket,

i practically live in black sweaters, this ones just a bit more fun,

this jacket is more fun than stuffy with jeans,

did i mention that i'm obsessed with isaac mizrahi for target?,

i need one more great pair of jeans, true religion at

nicole richie rocked the vest over the summer,

but in this fabric:

i'll probably wait for this to go on sale since its resort collection and obviously not fit for winter wearing, but i'm in love with the embroidery,

ditto with these two dresses, lilly pulitzer is sort of a southern boho thing i think and by that i mean i wear them with cowboy boots in the summer,

another obsession of mine is the comfy elegance of sweetees, both at

love this in red,

i really want tassle earrings but not for $105, if you know where i can get them for, say, $10, please let me know!!

i want one of each to layer, again i'm looking for a cheap version, let me know

okay that got to be really long, it turned into an almost-everything-i-want list

enjoy ♥
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