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MODS [Sunday
August 26th 2007 @ 12:20am]
I need new current working mods, i dont know what happened to my MODS, so let me know if you are interested, if you are your first assignement is to make icons for our links, which have been gone as you can see on the profile page....

please anyone interested reply!
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public and news [Sunday
August 26th 2007 @ 12:19am]
this community is now open to the public for view, all you need is to be a member to post, have fun!
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Al Gore will save the world [Thursday
July 20th 2006 @ 12:42pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

I just wanted to share this with everyone.
Marc Jacobs has designed several t-shirts, hats, and totes with Al's face on them, and they are on sale at Marc Jacobs stores for only $15-20. All proceeds go to the Climate Project. So support Al, his cause, and of course, Marc Jacobs and pick one up! I love this one. If only there was a store in my area, oy.

You can check out the other merchandise by going to the Marc Jacobs website and going to "Special Items". Can't directly link, sorry.
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June 14th 2006 @ 10:57pm]

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April 12th 2006 @ 12:07am]

A dress I made. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can make this picture look better/cooler, PLEASE let me know! It's definitely missing *something*. I guess I should mention that this is for a beginning photoshop class, so yeah, I suck. I'm dying for suggestions. Thanks!

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February 14th 2006 @ 2:06pm]

Hey everyone! I'm new to this community and am sooo pleased that I fell upon it! Thought I'd post some pictures of me, my artwork, and a few other photos. Come in!Collapse )
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girls dont fall in love with fun [Wednesday
January 25th 2006 @ 5:11pm]


Hi. I'm new. I've been lurking in the community for a while now and just now got up the guts to join. I don't really know if my style would be considered bohemian, but I really do love the style. I guess that it influences me more than anything.inspireCollapse )

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January 22nd 2006 @ 6:30pm]

So this is my first time posting
but I was just listening to the murmurs and I thought the lyrics to this song were appropriate to post in here
lyrics plus a few pictures of some my favorite peopleCollapse )
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I'm stuck in the 70s. [Friday
January 20th 2006 @ 8:47pm]


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January 14th 2006 @ 10:34am]

last time i posted, i just posted art. so this time i'm doing something really unique and crazy, something that no one else here has ever done before...-pictures of myself in bohemian fashion, and my boho influences. haha.

Read more...Collapse )
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December 24th 2005 @ 3:41pm]

I'm going to buy this dress for the Spring, but what color do you like the best? Gray or Black?
gray black
I have two black dresses already and I love gray, but I think black is a little more..wearable? I plan to wear it with long necklaces, bracelets and all that good stuff. I just love how it's so simple, but has great details throughout the dress. And it helps that it's only $19.99. Tell me what you think, thanks!
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December 17th 2005 @ 2:05pm]

Now this is one of the coolest things I've ever heard.

A long with most normal people in America, I'm not going to go out and spend $800+ on a bag that i've been googling over, although I've been tempted too. Empty out my savings account and hopefully, it will still be in style by the new year. Have no fear! You can rent them now and switch them out every month or week!

You can rent a Balenciaga at $73 a week, a Chloe Paddington for $150 or even a Fendi Spy Bag for $200 a week. Not looking to spend that much? Throw out $20 a week for a Kate Spade.

Visit From Bags To Riches and Bag Borowor Steal to check it out.

Muy cool. I think this would be fun if you have a special trip planned or a special event.
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xmas list [Sunday
November 20th 2005 @ 1:50am]

i haven't posted in forever...
my christmas listCollapse )
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October 9th 2005 @ 8:51pm]

i'm sure everyone here is obsessed with giant awful sunglasses. i got these yesterday at WALGREENS of all places:

and my favorite pink sweater from target. and my favorite grateful dead shirt. life is gooooood. btw do you like my mary-kate face? it's addicting man. my face is gonna stick like that i do it so often.
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welcome! [Tuesday
September 20th 2005 @ 3:03am]


This is an open community everyone can join in just add the community! leave a comment if you wish!

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I made a homecoming dress... [Wednesday
September 14th 2005 @ 3:26pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I took two vintage dresses that I'd bought but grown out of quickly (aah. i need to lose weight). anyway, I was wondering if it was appropriate/cute/flattering/whatever to wear to homecoming.

...see it up close and personal. Ha ha.Collapse )

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yay my first post :] [Tuesday
September 13th 2005 @ 9:50pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

homecoming, anyone?Collapse )

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September 12th 2005 @ 9:25pm]

Hi! I'm new, and already I need something......

RingthingsCollapse )
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September 12th 2005 @ 8:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I haven't posted in YONKS. how bad am i?
I got this sorta party/summer dress last week. Its got this nice pattern. if i dressed it up with more jewellery it prob look heaps better.
Check it outCollapse )
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September 11th 2005 @ 10:47pm]



Neet Gypsy Boot Neet Gypsy Boot

i'm strangely attracted to these. but not $200 attracted to these. anyone seen anything similar? they're from asos.com :)

charm necklaces anyone?Collapse )

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homecoming [Sunday
September 11th 2005 @ 11:54am]

any ideas for an original but affordable homecoming dress with a bohemian flare?
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Question :) [Sunday
September 11th 2005 @ 12:18pm]

Hello, so I've lurked around for awhile and here I am to ask for a huge favor.
I live in Singapore so it's really hard to get Balenciaga inspired bags etc so

if there is anyone selling off their balenciaga in black, please let me know! I'd like the medium sized ones...
Um, it'll be better if the price + shipping was to be below US$30 because when converted to my currency, it becomes twice the amount which makes it quite pricey for me. :)

Thanks! Feel free to email me at miss.kate.t@gmail.com with details or just leave a comment :)
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the art of Dr. Seuss [Saturday
September 10th 2005 @ 7:48pm]
Today I went to an art gallery in town
and they had the works of Dr. Seuss, no pictures were taken, i wish i could but I feel it's sort of disrespectful, in my mind, oh well...
the drawings are pretty amazing and colorfull
I mean seen them real and in life it has so much more color and brilliance than pictures on the net! some of the prints that were there i could not get them from the net, so i hope you can someday check the out in person


so here is some web pictures of his work!

if you don't know dr. seuss think about THE GRINCH, ah now you know :PCollapse )
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Howdy [Thursday
September 8th 2005 @ 8:14pm]

Hey everybody! I've been a member of the community for awhile, but I've always just sorta lurked in the corner. Now I've got a favor to ask. I've teased my boyfriend for years about his habit of wearing nothing but khaki shorts and t-shirts and he's finally given in to letting me take him shopping. There's been countless posts about the boho style for guys, and I'd like some pictures, thoughts about what's essential to the boho guy's wardrobe. Thanks in advance!
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